Tammany – 1/2/15

Well, it’s been a year without a single update to this blog.

A year not without upward action and fun things accomplished, however!

A brief review of 2014:

  • a little more street running
  • some more trail running
  • a Spring trip to Mt Whitney with snow (unsummited but a great night out at Trail Camp)
  • summer hiking with Jim for acclimatization in the southern Sierra Nevada followed by climbs with a guide up Whitney (East Buttress) and nearby Russell (Fishhook bypass)
  • fine weather in CH for a week accompanied by Glynis with some very good hiking and virtuous vertical-rise accumulation
  • more training in the Fall, with a particular focus on doing Tammany quickly.

Getting back to Tammany then:  today, a record-breaking time with a bottom-to-top-to-bottom time of under 50 minutes. Standard route except for classic mid-point short-cut. Best time to date.

Future working points/improvement potential:  primarily on the ascent — minutes can be shaved with more work. About 28 minutes today.

Followed today’s Tammany single up/down with some climbing at the Gravity Vault Chatham.

A great day, for which thanks are given!

Optimal gear: see this — never better!








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