One of the joys of being here now is planning to be there then — looking ahead to future adventures — to search, design, reserve, and then: execute!

When it all comes together — despite the inevitable contretemps, workarounds, and adjustments — there’s nothing quite like it.

This site will focus on accessible local and not-so-local adventures, with photos, high-level itineraries, tips, gear reviews, references, etc. It’s about having fun, taking on challenges, and getting the most out of that precious time allocated to escapes, from easy to hard, that engage and elevate!

In the header photo: My friend Jim Buhler pointing out the way to the summit of the Stockhorn in the Swiss Alps near Zermatt.  The Stockhorn (3,532 m or 11,588 ft) is the higher peak located above the cairn. Jim, Carsten, and I climbed it the day after we arrived from the US as part of our acclimatization program last August.






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