Dom Hut Hike

We had set our sights on the Dom, a very challenging climb that’s a significant step up from Alphubel in terms of technical difficulty (___ vs. ___) , vertical rise (_____ vs. ______), and estimated  round-trip time from Dom Hut (based on our work on Alphubel, estimated somewhere around  16 to 18 hours – straight).  Naturally, all bets are off if the weather gets heavy.  After  hiking to the Dom Hut (2940  m and some great scrambling here and there),  we found a totally renovated set-up, brand new and virtually empty. Weather was predicted to be unpredictable and we got a little snow that evening. Based on that and after assessing the odds, we retreated the following day and enjoyed a great hike back down to the valley.  The summit of the Dom is for another trip!

Swiss Trip 2013 — Action List

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