Pollux Attempt

We started for Pollux from Klein Matterhorn tram terminus (same as for out Breithorn climb) and made fairly good time on the traverse over to the base of Pollux. Perfect weather had brought out quite a few climbers, and we headed up the main route, which was completely different from anything we’d done previously in the trip as this involved scrambling on rock and a few 5th class moves. Fatigue and the desire not to miss the last tram down from Klein Matterhorn lead to a retreat a few hundred feet from the top. Some climbers above us inadvertently released a rock the size of a melon that came down towards us, missing Carsten’s hand by six inches.  Loose rock comes with the territory but we were very grateful we were unscathed. The trip back to the terminus was warm and uneventful – a great day out despite the retreat, with some super views.

Swiss Trip 2013 — Action List

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