Tammany – 1/1/14

Great hike in rapid time with Carlyle over from T & T to enjoy some harsh weather hereabouts.

Not too cold on this fine day, on which we started quite late, about 12:30, up the great Red Dot on Tammany, at a pace deemed kind of slow by my fellow hiker.  And then, after a very quick break, along the fire road, no one about and quite lovely in the winter hush, unadorned by snow but great nonetheless.

Keeping a quick pace lest we fall afoul of the setting sun or meanderings off-path, we hit the completely unmarked “Turquoise” trail in good time, and then through to Sunfish Pond. Not surprisingly, after the spell of bitter cold we’d just experience for Carlyle’s benefit no doubt, the pond was completely covered in what looked like very thick, solid ice.

And then back at a fast clip along the Appalachian Trail (AT), with perfect views over and across to the ridge we’d just hiked down — a view often obscured by dense foliage. Time for a few quick photos along the last, partially iced-up bit of the AT and then back to the trailhead in just about exactly four hours — about 10 miles or more in all.

Fantastic start to the year!

Next time he’s back, maybe Carlyle really will go for the double — two loops like this in a day (particularly given that he was obviously over-trained for this trivial outing)!



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