Allalin Climb (4027 m)

Took a combination of train and bus to Saas Fee for this climb, which we scoped out from the luxe tram terminus. The very large outdoor terrace — with lounge chairs, picnic tables, and benches filled by tourists, skiers, and mountaineers – was a perfect place to check out Allalin and the Mischabel range. We saw a group of three skiers climb right up the slope of Allalin and ski down in what looked like perfect snow – theirs were the only tracks we saw on the mountain and the descent must have been superb.

Early start the following day to compete with the kids from all over Europe in ski school in getting a spot on the lifts, then off to the mountain itself. Gradual rise on the side of the ski slope, then onto the mountaineer’s well-trodden path up and around to the summit in, for me at least, unexpectedly chilly temperatures. Actually wore a light insulation top during the entire outing which was unusual for a summer climb. Very nice climb for a great day on the hill. Next in this series: Pollux attempt

Swiss Trip 2013 — Action List

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